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Chip Idle MC33186 for Throttle Positioning Drive Idling


MC33186DH1 MC33186DH MC33186 Throttle positioning click on the drive idling chip For Marelli POLO car computer board Repair


MC33186 Throttle Positioning Drive Idling Chip Idle

The 33886 is a monolithic H-Bridge ideal for fractional horsepower
DC-motor and bi-directional thrust solenoid control. The IC incorporates
internal control logic, charge pump, gate drive, and low RDS(ON) MOSFET
output circuitry. The 33886 is able to control continuous inductive DC load
currents up to 5.0 A. Output loads can be pulse width modulated (PWM-ed)
at frequencies up to 10 kHz.
A Fault Status output reports undervoltage, short circuit, and
overtemperature conditions. Two independent inputs control the two half-bridge
totem-pole outputs. Two disable inputs force the H-Bridge outputs to
tri-state (exhibit high impedance).

The 33886 is parametrically specified over a
temperature range of -40°C = TA = 125°C, 5.0 V = V+ = 28 V.
The IC can also be operated up to 40 V
with derating of the specifications. The IC is available in a surface mount
power package with exposed pad for heatsinking.

Package Include
1 X MC33186 Throttle positioning click on the drive idling chip

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